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For avid tennis players, tennis backpacks are a necessity and for others, they function more as an accessory. Some use their bags to hold tennis gear while some women use their backpacks and tennis bags to store necessary daily items. Carry-ons, tote bags, handbags and backpacks have evolved over the decades. From storing cosmetics and car keys to diapers and baby gear, tennis backpacks are multi-functional.

Famous tennis players such as Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick have sported their tennis bags on and off the court. But tennis bags do not belong only to the rich and famous. Many non-profit organizations and charities use backpacks to store essential items such as food to send to military troops serving overseas. A school in the United Kingdom has used backpacks to place items like erasers, pencils, sharpeners, crayons, collected from generous donations, to give to African schoolchildren.  Another charity, Bag to Save a Life is part of Save the Children's No Child Born to Die campaign. With this organization, handbags are used as fundraising items with the funds directed towards helping underprivileged children and the victims of famine in East Africa.

The evolution of tennis backpacks is not limited to function. Style has also evolved. Some patterns are quite colorful while others maintain the traditional, conservative look. Today’s designs aim to please every character and fashion style. Take Cortiglia bags that are made of fine Italian leather. Cortiglia tennis bags are luxurious and appeal to the sophisticated woman who appreciates both athletics and high-end fashion. But in contrast, the 40 Love Courture Green Croc Betsy tennis backpack is made from sun-stain resistant fabric. This benefits the serious tennis player who plays for hours at a time in the sun.  The 40 Love Courture line of backpacks have a diverse design ranging from zebra prints to bright flowers.

Most backpacks designed specifically for tennis, accommodate two to three racquets with ample space remaining for tennis balls, towels and other small items. Another convenient feature for some backpacks is the removable shoe bag. The larger backpacks are perfectly suitable for students who need to carry their racquets and their school books in the same bag.

Travelers and airline passengers often use the larger backpacks as carry-ons.  With costly travel gear hitting travelers in the pocket book, backpacks are an economical option for a long weekend get-away. Also, backpacks are quite convenient for hikers, who can store several water bottles, ropes, towels and other essential items.

Whether you are a serious tennis player or just a weekend tennis fan, there is a tennis backpack designed to meet your needs.